Avida runs populations of self-replicating digital organisms in a virtual world, exposing them to configurable mutation and environmental effects. Through selective pressures, these organisms change and evolve.

Primarily designed as a research platform, Avida serves a central role in many current and ongoing projects, including my own doctoral research. Many features of Avida are geared towards facilitating the collection and analysis of data. For more information on active research with Avida, see the Digital Evolution Laboratory at Michigan State University.

For more details see the main Avida project site: avida.devosoft.org.

Current Development

Avida is an ongoing project and is currently in active development. The Avida 2.x series is in the process of refactorization and evolution in preparation for a shift to Avida 3.0. The structure and architecture of Avida has been redesigned and will begin to gradually take shape.

Avida is also getting a new CPU model for digital organisms. In order to facilite my research, I am working on redesigning and implementing an enhanced virtual CPU instruction set architecture.

Last updated: 2011-05-06

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