Apto is a free, open source (BSD-style license) C++/Objective-C++ tools library that is lightweight, flexible, and high performance. It provides data structures, cross platform support tools, the beginnings of some basic statistics classes, among other utilities. Apto has grown out of my need to enhance to tools and support classes utilized by Avida and several other projects that I have undertaken over the past few years.

The overall design of much of Apto has been inspired and heavily influence by Andrei Alexandrescu’s Modern C++ Design. As such, data structures, smart pointers, etc. make use of policy based design, allowing for performance and capability customization. In building the components of Apto, I have attempted to make the tools general purpose and reasonably complete.

Apto is not quite ready for a full standalone release, lacking a few important items such as documentation. The classes, methods, and capabilities of the tools are built on an as-needed basis for my main projects. As such, I have only just begun to implement some components, such as the Objective-C/iOS/OSX Frameworks. With that caveat in mind, however, the repository is open for cloning. I welcome anyone to make use Apto in their projects, and encourage contributions.

The primary Apto repository is hosted here (git://programerror.com/apto.git), however I also maintain a mirror on GitHub that can be forked and through which I will respond to pull requests.

Last updated: 2013-03-19

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