A software platform for studying and harnessing digital evolution and artificial life.
Apto C++/Objective-C++ Library
Apto is a lightweight, flexible, high-performance tools library for C++.
TestRunner (v1.2)
Portable, easy to use, automated software testing utility. Supports exit code monitoring, file output consistency checking, and wall/user time based performance testing. TestRunner features on demand expected results generation with built-in (git/subversion) repository maintenance.
Tidbits and Examples
These packages and programs are not necessarily complete, but they may be useful as reference materials. All of them are provided AS-IS, and are not ‘supported’ software distributions. That said, I definitely am happy to hear comments, reports of glaring errors, and suggestions.
Java HTTP Client/Server (v1.0)tar.gz zip
Originally written for Michigan State University’s CSE422 – Computer Networks (Spring 2004), the source code implements the basics of HTTP 1.0 Client and Server components in Java. They both also contain a working standard HTTP Digest Authentication mechanism. Far from complete implementations, they give the gist of how things work.

Last updated: 2013-03-19

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