(Pre-)announcing Apto, a poweful, lightweight C++ tools library

Over the past 8 years or so I have been constantly improving and extending the tools classes utilized by Avida. More recently, I decided to focus some of that effort into the development of a truly standalone tools library. Apto is the fruit of that effort, a lightweight, modular, adaptable, extensible, and high performance library of C++ templates. Apto features a suite of data structures, platform support tools, algorithms, statistical analysis classes, and some basic Objective-C++ wrappings and controls. The core classes feature comprehensive unit testing to ensure consistent performance. Altogether the library provides a solid foundation upon which to build cross platform C++ software, a capability leveraged extensively by Avida, which is now largely supported by Apto.

As indicated by the ‘pre-‘ in the title, though, Apto is not quite ready for an official release. Important bits, such as documentation, remain to be written and there are areas of active development, such as the Objective-C++ framework. I certainly welcome and encourage interested developers to check Apto out and make use of it where appropriate. Indeed, if anyone is interested in contributing, that is also encouraged.

More information is available on my Apto page in the software section.

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