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When GCC’s “-ffast-math” isn’t

Performance optimization is often about trade-offs, especially when you get into the implementation details of a program. A routine may go faster if you unroll loops to reduce branching overhead, however program code size increases as a result. If you … Continue reading

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Finally, a Family Photo

Daycare has been asking for one for a while, and well, it really was about time. Now if only we could learn the trick to get Elena smile on queue and look at the camera. Guess that will come in … Continue reading

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I am a published author!

Although it has apparently been out since mid-summer, I have just learned that Artificial Life Models in Software, Second Edition has been published. In it I have contributed to the revised first chapter that describes the Avida software and several … Continue reading

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Elena is ready to read a book

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<tap><tap>… Is this thing on?

I have decided it is about time I add a little modern flair to my web presence. ┬áMy plan a couple of years ago had been to build and maintain a static website that would eventually be converted into a … Continue reading

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